Punting Mechanics 101

Coach Greg Montgomery will be working with select athletes this winter in Houston ,TX and Boca Raton, FL.

These instruction sessions include a full bio-mechanic evaluation, custom workout program, one on one instruction and film analysis.

Contact Greg at gmonty23@gmail.com or 616-975-1788 to discuss his availability.


The Set & Pull Philosophy

       By promoting proper balance, a clear mind and effortlessly fluid motion, Montgomery gives every athlete the ability to violently snap his/her foot through the hitting zone. In contrast to traditional punting teachings, Montgomery teaches ‘get your leg in’ vs ‘getting the drop out’. What this means is that when a punter extends his leg too early, the hitting zones is further away from the body. Most coaches try to remedy this error by telling their students to ‘get the drop out further’. This is perfect example of treating the symptoms vs treating the illness.

        Wait On It

If you study the golf swing, as well as the baseball hitting motion, you’ll see similarities. The one that will stand out is the setting of the hands. The way I came up with the S&P 5.0 was finally learning that your hands must not release until they pass the ball in golf and baseball. This being said, in the punting motion, your knee serves as your hands. As the punter is gliding into his plant, with the leg is Set, you simply Pull the leg (using hip flexor) and when in proper position, ‘allow’ the leg to snap through the ‘hitting zone’. The knee actually passes the ball and releases on the way up through the hitting zone. By waiting to release the knee, your leg will be shorter and the hitting zone closer; hence ‘Get your leg in’. 

. All punters and coaches experience the frustration of inconsistency. What's the source? Too much effort and not understanding how the punting motion REALLY works.

With patience and focus,  the Set & Pull technique will allow your leg to snap faster and more consistently. With dedication to 'The Move',  you'll make the transition from 'ball hitter' to 'ball striker'.

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