Punting Mechanics 101

Coach Greg Montgomery will be working with select athletes this winter in Houston ,TX and Boca Raton, FL.

These instruction sessions include a full bio-mechanic evaluation, custom workout program, one on one instruction and film analysis.

Contact Greg at gmonty23@gmail.com or 616-975-1788 to discuss his availability.


The Process

Rhythm, timing and patience are the key elements required to
execute an effective punt. From catch to kick, punting is one
fluid motion. After all the work, after all the repetitions, after
the mental preparation, we must trust the process while in the
heat of battle.

A great punt is the product of trusting the

An 11 yard block point is a product of trusting the

A 1.2 second “catch to kick” is the product of trusting
the process.

 A punt with 5.0 second hang time is a product of
trusting the process.

        As in all aspects of life, we have to let go in
order to gain control. We can’t squeeze it, white knuckle it or
force it to happen. We have to let it happen. Less is More -
Once a consistent rhythm is established, less effort actually
produces better results. We need to take a deep breath, relax,
trust the process, and finish.

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