Punting Mechanics 101

Coach Greg Montgomery will be working with select athletes this winter in Houston ,TX and Boca Raton, FL.

These instruction sessions include a full bio-mechanic evaluation, custom workout program, one on one instruction and film analysis.

Contact Greg at gmonty23@gmail.com or 616-975-1788 to discuss his availability.


Girls Soccer Success

  One of my biggest thrills was coaching Carl Delmont's girls soccer team (ages 9-11) in Baltimore, MD this past week. The bio-mechanics, process/motion of the 'Set & Pull' technique has proven to be applicable  to all sports.

    I took the time to teach each individual girl how to 'set their leg', 'pull their knee' and 'snap through the ball'. I was blown away with the girls' ability to focus and execute the 'stroke'. It took a half hour of instruction and multiple drills, but they all picked it up by the end of our practice. Balls were flying everywhere.....And yes, I got hit in the head a few times

  My main goal was to show the goalie's how to catch the ball, take their steps, 'stick the drop(ball)' outside their kicking knee as they snap through the ball.

Good stuff - GM

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