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Punting Breakout at Miami(OH)

      This blog entry was written on August 1st 2010. Upon returning from working with my close friend, Head Football Coach Mike Haywood of the Miami(OH) ,  I feel the  obligation to tell all my readers this story. After working two(2) days with the Miami(OH) staff,  punting prospect Zach Murphy, progressed so much, that Zach was offered a full scholarship by Coach Haywood. To quote myself, "This is insane news......."

      Head Coach Mike Haywood was kind enough to have me down to to Oxford to work with his coaches. I instructed them on how to motivate snapper (Connor), Punter/Holder (Zach Murphy) and Kicker (Trevor). One of the first adjustments I like to make, when working with my kids, is creating “urgency” when doing drills, taking reps, reviewing film, preparing mentally and executing on the field.

     It never fails......when UG shows up, the kids are a bit shocked, and taken back by my coaching style.  My game plan is - "I’m here for 2 days, I’m going to hit you with a lot of information and I don’t have time to repeat myself, so listen up".

      One obstacle, when coaching high school and college specialists, is that they tend to lose focus when on the field and in the meeting rooms when reviewing film.  I explain that “we need to pay attention and take advantage of our time". 

        Repetition equates to muscle memory.  No wasted reps........we don’t have time for smart asses and “know it all’s”.  

     I've been lucky enough  to play at the three(3) highest levels in the game of football (high school, college and the NFL). I  know what goes through the minds of a specialist when in the heat of battle.  I’ve practiced, played and spent numerous hours, on and off the field, with Pro Football Hall of Famers Ray Childress, Bruce Matthews, Mike Munchak, Chris Speielman, Barry Sanders, Howie Long and John Elway.

   Having the 'gift' of seeing how these ultimate professionals prepare and execute was special.  I try to integrate a “Linebacker Mentality” with all my Snappers, Holders, Punters and Kickers.  There’s a fine line when it comes to knowing when to “Dial it Down” and stay in the moment.  Focus on the 'process' and execute without thinking(Zen) is the recipe to ultimate results.  

       "When we focus on the things that we can control (the process),  the 'results' will follow" - Nick Saban , head football coach, University of Alabama .

    Getting back to the “Breakthrough at Miami (OH)”...The first day, I worked Long Snapper (Conner) and Redshirt Freshman Punter (Zach Murphy).  Coach Haywood stressed “we need a reliable Punter this year”. I was also informed  that the starting Quarterback was holding for field goals and extra points (PATs).... In a word?,  the starting QB should NEVER be the holder...if you can avoid it.  We don’t want the starting QB in a position where he could get hurt, so Zach Murphy needs to learn how to hold on FG's and PATs........ And he did!.

     After “enlightening” Connor and Zach, we were all on the same page.  Connor impressed me with his long and short snaps.  We basically had to start from scratch with Zach when it comes to holding and punting.  Zach had never held for FG//PATs before.  We broke down “The Art of Holding” and he picked it up quickly.  

      As far as punting, Zack Murphy made all the mistakes that are most common high school and NCAA punters.......... long steps, short drop, sliding hips, picking up his head, taking his eye off the ball, releasing his knee too early, leaning back and cutting the ball.

After filming in the AM, we hit the meeting room for a film analysis and explanation of the 'Set & Pull' punting  technique. I explained the bio-mechanics of punting the football.... the method of creating maximum leg speed with minimal effort.

        Most football fans overlook the importance of the punting game. Just as my Coach George Perles, Mike Haywood understands the punter's importance. As NFL stand out Donnie Jones(St. Louis Rams) has proven, Zach Murphy embraced the 'Set & Pull' punting technique and turned it into dollars. To monetize the value of Zach Murphy's hard work and dedication, by earning a scholarship, Zach saved his family over $37,000/year............. Yes.. that's right ...........a total of over $150,000 over the next four years.

The rest is history........... GM

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This is awesome Greg!! I admire your drive to help others understand! Good Luck! xo