Punting Mechanics 101

Coach Greg Montgomery will be working with select athletes this winter in Houston ,TX and Boca Raton, FL.

These instruction sessions include a full bio-mechanic evaluation, custom workout program, one on one instruction and film analysis.

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Greg Montgomery's NFL Films Documentary w/ St Louis Rams' punter Donnie Jones

   Just finished up the filming of my documentary with NFL Films. The whole crew was great. My parents were kind enough to share their recollection of my childhood and burning desire to become one of the top punters in the NFL. Donnie Jones, my close friend and current St Louis Rams standout punter, flew in to share his 'Monty stories' and experiences while working with me for 3 years at LSU. We discussed the pressure of playing in the NFL........ The main focus being the details, workout techniques and drills we did(do) in order to perfect the the 'Set & Pull' technique. The actual bio-mechanics of the motion we use and teach today.

    The NFL Films crew was especially interested in our underwater punting drills. Do to the fact that water is the most efficient form of resistance, we showed them how we would go through our stepping pattern, maintain sound posture/body angle, the set our leg and then pull the knee(entire upper and lower leg as one piece). The sensation is like swinging  a baseball bat with a 'donut' on it. Once Donnie got out of the water, his leg would feel weightless.....flying up through the ball. Good stuff for high school and college punters and kickers to emulate.

    While on the field, we filmed all of our drills - working our hands quickly on'buddy drops', taking urgent steps and' knee pulls', and finally the 'Set & Pull' - the setting of the leg and pulling the foot through the 'hitting zone'. Donnie's balance was great and his drops consistent. His footwork was 'urgent' yet not rushed. His punts we solid - most over 5.0 seconds hang time. A 'newsflash' for aspiring high school and college punters(and coaches) -  "We're not perfect' .........And Donnie did have a couple 'mis-hits'. But the fact that he  'missed with hang-time' shows why Donnie Jones has proven to be the best in the NFL over the last few years. And that's fact.

     The one point I'd like to make about 'missing with hang time'. We will ALWAYS have success when we take urgent steps, 'set' our leg(knee) properly, 'work our hands' quickly,  pull our knee(entire set leg as on piece) consistently and float the ball into the 'hitting zone'. The one thing that will set great punters apart from the rest is the hang time of their misses. We're not perfect. And there will be times when we mis-hit the ball. Whether it be because of over striding, an inside drop, taking our eye off the ball, slow hands.......whatever. The fact is if we snap our leg up through the ball consistently, we'll always 'miss with hang time. And that's exactly what Donnie Jones does.

And all the special teams coaches around the NFL will admit - 'We can live with that'.

A big 'thank you' must go out to senior producer Dave Douglas of NFL Films. He captured  my insight on the 'art of punting' in a way that "I" didn't even know existed. Thanks, brother - GM



Anonymous said...

hello..just saw the show on nfl films...touched home. been battling most of my life with mental illness...didnt know it, just knew i didnt fit. i am now 41 and still have a strong desire to compete...ill call it a need(for many reasons..not personal glory), i have played rugby since 19..on and off due to whatever acronym you want to throw at it. are there any punting/kickin clinics going on around philly in the near future? i used to punt well..ive lost that over the years..id love to excel at both if possible..i need to start training again..atrophy is around!! i am familiar with dr dwyer...but not his teachings..i have beenresearching the metaphysical for about a year and a half..knowing theres more saved my life for sure.
any direction about punting/kicking clinics would be great...glad to see your doing soo well!!..sincerely -jeffrey allen

Anonymous said...

jeff allen again..my email is rugbyidiot7073@yahoo.com and phone is 856 625 1255..im sure greg is a very busy guy, so i anyone can help with info on clinics, etc...i would be very grateful...thanks for the time either way!! jeff